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What is CustomPhotoPrints.com?

A division of Trend Setters Ltd, CustomPhotoPrints.com specializes in offering the very best in personalized photos. Whether you’re looking for an elegant way to display your most cherished wedding photo, or for a fun way to show off your favorite vacation memory, we offer glass and acrylic prints, as well as our gallery qualityPolyPix Translucent Prints. If you’re looking for something a little different, we offer everything from coaster sets and cutting boards, to keychains and heat-sensitive mugs.

Where are you located?

We are located in Tremont, IL (about half way between Chicago and St. Louis).

What are your hours of operation?

You can get a hold of us from 9am-5pm CST.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can email us at info@customphotoprints.com, or give us a call at (309)-929-7012.



What are StarFire Prints Glass Photo Prints?

StarFire Prints glass photo prints are photographic quality prints on translucent glass. These scratch and fade resistant prints give an elegant, long-lasting look to your favorite photos. The image is permanently fused into the glass, creating a semi-translucent print that captures the natural light to enhance the colors, resulting in a full, rich portrait. These come in three different styles: Curved, Flat-Edge, or Beveled.

What are PolyPix Prints?

PolyPix Prints are translucent, gallery quality prints that can either be framed or unframed. Printed on our scratch and fade resistant polymeric film, these prints’ vibrant color display make them ideal for showcasing your favorite memories, while their lasting durability insures those photo memories will be as bright as they were the day you took them for years to come.

What is MightyPrint Wall Art?

MightyPrint Wall Art is made to last. Plain and simple. These are high quality, durable prints that make it so you will not experience typical issues like tearing, fading, or warping. Additionally, MightyPrint Wall Art diffuses light, which brings the color display to a new level when back lighting is present –whether in front of a window, or in one of ourback-lit LED frames.

Whatare Morphing Mugs Heat-Sensitive Mugs?

Morphing Mugs heat-sensitive mugs are ceramic mugs that you can customize with your own photos or text. Where things get interesting is thatthese mugs are black at room temperature, but when heated with a hot beverage, reveal your photo and text in full, vivid detail.



How do I redeem a voucher?

You can access our step-by-step directions by visiting our Voucher Redemption page.



How long does it take for my product to ship?

In addition to your selected shipping method, please allow 1-2 business days for processing and production of your order.

Do you ship internationally?

We absolutely do! Delivery times vary slightly, but, as with US orders, we try and ship all in-stock orders within 1-2 days. Be aware that international shipments may be charged customs and duties fees. This is not determined by CustomPhotoPrints.com, but is up to the customs and duties department in your country.

What happens if my product arrives broken?

Our packaging methods have been designed to minimize this potential issue. However, we do not have control over the handling of these packages once they leave our facility. If your product arrives broken, please contact us. You’ll just need to send us a picture of the product in question and we’ll send you a replacement.

What if my product is out of stock?

If your item is not in stock, we will back order it for you. If you are ordering multiple items, we will ship the items in stock first and fill the back order as available. We will charge the items separately, if they ship separately.

What is your return policy?

Our primary concern is that our customers are 100% happy with the products they receive from CustomPhotoPrints.com. We guarantee that they will be manufactured to the highest standards, and will do everything in our power to deliver on that promise. As with all personalized products, however, where we do not have control is in the quality of the photos our customers upload. We provide the minimum dimensions required, and do our best to make sure our customers know what will (and will not) result in the best possible product prior to purchase. Since we are unable to know what each and every customer intended upon their order, we are forced to move forward with the images provided, regardless if we think they will (or will not) result in the best possible product.

Customers have 30 days to bring a problem to our attention. After doing so, we reserve the right to ask for the return of your product and/or a picture of the product in question; at which point we will do one of the following: (1) offer a reprint; (2) offer store credit for your product (shipping not included); (3) take no action after proper consideration has been given, or, in extreme cases, (4) offer a refund.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.



What does the photo editor allow me to do?

Once you upload your photo into the display window, you will have the ability to drag the photo into the position you want; you will also have the ability to zoom in/out. On certain products, you will also have the option to change the orientation (vertical/horizontal), and to add text.

What photos am I allowed to use?

Here at Custom Photo Prints, we specialize in bringing your personal photos to a wide range of personalized products, but it’s important that you stick to your personal photos. By creating and purchasing a custom product with us, you’ll have to agree not to upload illegal or offensive content, or content that is not owned by you. We reserve the right to modify or reject any orders that violate those conditions. That aside, the choice is yours when it comes to your photo options.

The photo editor says my photo is smaller than the recommended size. Can I upload it anyway?

The photo editor will allow you to do so, but we strongly suggest finding an image with the recommended size. In short, upload the highest quality image that you have. An image that is below the recommended specifications has the chance to be blurry or pixelated upon printing. Read more about this in the RETURNS section of our Terms of Use. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


How do you use my information?

Custom Photo Prints does not disclose buyer information to third parties. For more information, please look at our Privacy Policy


Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us atcs@customphotoprints.comwith any additional questions you might have.